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Immigration and Nationality Law
San Jose, Silicon Valley

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Law Offices of Ning Gan concentrate on employment-based immigration matters.

We provide advice and transactional services concerning the legal requirements and processing procedure for the employment of non-U.S. personnel. Our clients are corporations, institutional employers and individuals. Our immigration practice is nationwide, with corporate and individual clients throughout the United States and overseas.

What distinguishes our offices from other immigration law firms is that an attorney rather than a paralegal or a support staff member personally processes each matter. We believe that an attorney can better respond to client inquiries, render opinions, make recommendations, and initiate appropriate action in the most expeditious manner.

Our mission is to meet our clients' needs promptly and ensure the success of each case we handle. From customized case status reports to our 24/7 web access to our client management database, we are using technology effectively to meet our clients' needs. We treat each case with the importance that it demands: we are very aware that the outcome of a case greatly impacts the life of that case's beneficiary.

You are welcome to make inquiries regarding any immigration issues you may have, and you may email your inquiries to info@ganning.com. Your inquiries will be handled in a timely and discreet manner.

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